Friday, March 15, 2013

VOW: 31 Days Fundraiser

Are you looking for a way to support a Non-Profit Organization that is focused on bringing Warriors and Communities together through Education and Resources?

From March 14 - March 30, 2013 I am hosting a Fundraising-Giveaway even for Voice of Warriors, that will reward 31 contributors!

300 tickets to be purchased for $10/each
$2,000 will be donated to Voice of Warriors (of course, if more than 300 tickets are purchased then more will be donated!) and 31 names and numbers will be drawn and rewarded a Thirty-One Gifts Hang-Up Room Organizer!
How this will work
Every person that purchases a ticket will be emailed a confirmation that will have a number between 1-300. On April 5th a document will be posted with each contributors name and number. There will be a jar that contains at least 300 buttons, all numbered 1-300 that we will use for the drawing. Beginning April 15, we will start drawing one name a day and that winner will be sent a Hang-Up Room Organizer.

The Hang-Up Room Organizer is a perfect way to get organized in everyday life!

You can purchase as many tickets as you want!
This fundraiser is put together through PayPal, so all donations will be processed this way. Please use the donate button we have on here.
The more tickets that are purchased the more funds will be donated to VOW
If you are looking to purchase Thirty-One products from March 14 - March 30, please click HERE. 25% of proceeds will be donated to Voice of Warriors.

About Voice of Warriors (VOW)
To learn more about VOW, click HERE to visit their website.
Voice of Warriors is supported completely through tax deductible donations. The organization is run by an all-volunteer staff which enables every dime of your donation to be applied to their support programs. 



This fundraiser is being held by Brittney Biddle in support of Voice of Warriors and their mission. If your organization is interested in hosting a fundraiser, please contact Brittney directly at or 478.719.0733

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