Friday, September 7, 2012

Starting School in Macon

This post is mainly to play catch up with some photos that I have not shared over the past couple of weeks.

Last week, I ended up breaking down and doing what I said I would not do... I cleaned Caitlin's room because I could not take the mess anymore! Once I cleaned it, I was able to take pictures of it and can now share what her room looks like!!! Yay!

Caitlin has the biggest closet of all the kids

 Our second weekend here, we had the amazing opportunity to spend time with our family - including our nephews! My mom, Russell, Ashton, Dustin, Whitney, Gavin, and Susan spent that Saturday with us and Mike, Maria, and Mateo - or as Nic calls him, Matato, came over and spent time with us.

Their first time with their cousin, Gavin


The kids started school a few days after we moved into our house. They seem to be adjusting well. The school has many rules, which we love, and the children are expected to follow them. The part the kids hate the most - SCHOOL UNIFORMS!!!

Yes - my girls are showing off their 31 backpacks and lunch thermals! Contact me if you are interested in one!

 We found a fishing hole for Kevin!!! One day while the kids were at school, Kev and I went for a drive not too far from where we live, to check the area out. We found the swamp and walked down to it, which was actually pretty cool. I was reading about this particular swamp and discovered that alligators have been occasionally spotted in it. Anyhow, when we took the kids to one of the areas on the river, where we found a great fishing spot, Bre spotted a Gar and became very excited. Now, she is super stoked about fishing!

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