Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Polk County Pulse Interview: A Place to Call Home

This past Friday we were contacted by an editor of a local paper asking us if she could feature our story on the front page of the Polk County Pulse for the July 4th edition. Kevin and I were already anticipating her call after speaking with our Landlords and now friends, Mr. and Mrs. Philpot. LeAnn Dilbeck called us to see if this past Monday morning would work for a sit down time to just informally talk about this past month. (WOW - in two days it will be a month since we received the amazing news!!!). LeAnn showed up right at 8am with a bag of donuts and sat down with us after introductions and coffee! As we sat and chatted, she recorded us and kept to her word; she kept things VERY informal and easy. She made it easy to talk about this past month and kept us both at ease, reassuring us that  she would not publish anything unless Kevin and I both agreed to what was written. We spoke back and forth that evening, Tuesday it went to press, and yesterday it was distributed to locations around the county. Needless to say, I picked up quite a few copies - going to 2 different gas stations because I didn't want to look insane picking them up. Haha. We all know that the parents and close family members may want a copy!

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