Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Happy Birthday, Grandmama

I feel like so much has taken place over the past couple of months that I never update on a regular basis anymore! I promise that once we get settled I will do better, though someone may have to hold me to that until I get on a set schedule! :)

This past week has been insanely chaotic with the preparation of our upcoming move. No matter how many times we have moved and managed to get rid of things, I still find it amazing at what this family can accumulate in such a short time!

This past Tuesday, the girls and I spent the day at Magic Springs with Aunt Jeanette. We started off the day in the water park, slipping and sliding down numerous water slides then ending the morning in the Lazy River and then Wave Pool. After the water park, we headed to the amusement park, spending the afternoon riding roller coasters and more! By the end of the day to say we were exhausted would be an understatement! The girls and I walked in the door and crashed for a few hours, ate dinner, and went back to bed.

The kids were all invited to a pool party at the youth teachers house on Wednesday to get pumped up for Vacation Bible School that began today! It was a perfect way to start this week.

On Thursday we cleaned house and managed to get some things done, then we spent the evening with Aunt Jeanette and Grandmama celebrating my Grandmother's 85th birthday!!! Kevin decided that he wanted to get her a "prank" gift because, well in his words, "She already has everything she needs." Needless to say, this led him to picking out a bikini (yes, you read right) for Grandmama. She got a kick out of it, as did everyone else that was there. We all had a nice dinner together and just enjoyed the evening. It was nice to celebrate Grandmama's 85th birthday and we hope there are many more still to come!

Over the weekend, we spent time on Saturday cleaning out the garage at Aunt Jeanette's old house, then rearranging things in her garage at her house now. On Sunday we held a yard sale, which did not turn out the best and today we cleaned for awhile while the little ones spent the morning at VBS.

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