Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter this year was wonderful! We woke up to the kids bouncing around the house, ready to see what the Easter Bunny left. We all walked into the living room together, to see them become overjoyed to see Chipwrecked and three adorable Chipmunk t-shirts and their Thirty-One Mini-Utility Bin Baskets filled with goodies!

Following the Easter madness at our house, we all managed to get ready and head to church for Easter Service. Service was wonderful, one that left me thinking a lot.

After service, all of us headed home, changed clothes, loaded the truck and spent the day with Grandmama and Aunt Jeanette at Little Missouri Falls, Shady Lake, and the Cossatot River. Each one of us had such a great time being out.

We found a nice picnic area to sit and eat our lunch, that overlooked the river area and was out of the way. Before lunch, Kev, Bre, Nic, Aunt Jeanette and I hiked one of the trails and even walked a bit into the river while stepping on the rocks. Bre and Nic braved it more than the rest of us and walked further out into the river, only for Nic to fall in first - shoulders down ending up soaked! It wasn't much longer before Bre lost her step and ended up soaked waist down.

 Little Missouri Falls had so many trails and left us excited for the more pretty days that we can hike many more tails, fish, and play in the river!

Shady Lake was our next stop. It is such a middle of nowhere, beautiful and great place. The mountain water makes the lakes look very clear and inviting. Had it not been so cool outside, it would have been very tempting to jump in the swimming area! The lake is surrounded by a couple campsites and mountains all around. There is a designated swimming area that has a dock in the middle of the lake. Of course, that made me want to swim out to it even more and dive off! Oh how I cannot wait for the summer to get here! Outside of the swimming area is the area for small motorized boats and a dock for fishing. To those of you that know us, you know that this may very well be the PERFECT summer spot for all of us! Kev can fish, the kids and I can play in the water.

While we were there, the kids found a spot full of tadpoles and decided to catch a few to bring home. They are now living in a little Beta bowl (our Beta died a little over a month ago) and we are hoping they live long enough to turn into frogs. Which, at that point we will set them free into the pond across the street from us.

On the way home from Shady Lake, we crossed over the Cossatot River and decided to make a quick stop to walk across the pedestrian bridge and check out some of the hiking trails. The river below the bridge was beautiful and of course has us wanting to go back to walk the trails one day soon. By the time we got to the bridge it was already close to 7pm and we were all getting a bit tired.

Poor Nic spent the day tripping over his own feet or over absolutely nothing. At the end of the day his poor knees we bruised looking and scraped up, just as his elbows were. His last fall was in the parking lot near the bridge. He was running back to me from the restroom when he fell, head first - catching himself with his hands and knees. He instantly stood up, looking at his hands and said "Oh no, not again". Then the pain hit and he burst into tears. I felt horrible for him!

Nic and I

From our family to yours, we hope you each had a fabulous Easter with family surrounding you!

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