Thursday, January 19, 2012

Painting with an Artist

My Aunt Beverly and Uncle Mike came into town for a few weeks right before Christmas and left just this past weekend. They stayed with Aunt Jeanette, who lives not even a full mile from us! We all had such a wonderful time with her and Uncle Mike and each one of us were sad to see them leave.

The week after Christmas her and the girls had an afternoon of painting, which turned out wonderfully! She taught the girls a lot of neat things with many tips when it comes to painting and each one chose something different to paint. Caitlin decided on Tiker Bell and Breanna on a Carebear.

 What many do not realize is that Breanna LOVES to paint and talks nonstop about wanting to do this as a living, so for her to have the opportunity to paint with Aunt Bev, who does this for a living, was amazing! Aunt Bev has been commissioned to paint not only all over the US, but places throughout the world! She has just recently released her first book, "Come Walk with Me, a Poetic Journal" which is fabulous and a MUST have! There are a few more books in the works that I will announce once they are ready for release. In her poetic journal, she shares 36 of her paintings as well as the poetry that she has written that flows so freely along side the art work. There is a sense of serenity when reading or simply flipping through this book. You can view her art work and blog, as well as order cards, a copy of her poetic journal, art, and more on her website at To stay better up to date, don't forget to "like" her facebook page as well as sign up to receive her newsletters! Her work is absolutely astonishing!

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