Monday, February 14, 2011

A Typical Biddle Weekend

You know when you have one of those days that you just HAVE to get out of the house? Well, that was our day on Saturday. After a week of miserable, cold, stay inside the house, weather that we were hit with for a week; then a week of “repairs” from the broken pipe flood, we needed to break from it all. We ended up spending the day out and about in El Paso. We went by Saddleblanket (a pretty cool store out here) and walked around. We didn’t get to check everything out. Maybe next weekend. The store is pretty big! It has everything from things you need for horses and farms to the way neat Mexican looking items/d├ęcor; and so much more!  I was amazed with it all. While we were looking around, one of the employees asked the kids if they wanted to get on his horse. Of course, I had to take pictures of this. The kids thought the saddled up horse statue was the coolest thing ever! Bre climbed up like she knew what she was doing. Hmmm…. Maybe the time has come to take her riding! She’s been asking. She seemed natural climbing up in the saddle. Yes, I do realize that this saddle was on a statue. Caitlin and Nic on the other hand…. I will just leave it at neither were steady or graceful. Nic is still too young. Caitlin had a fear of it. This is just another one of the differences with her and Breanna. Caitlin is very girly and enjoys the things that fall within that. Bre isn’t. Overall, the kids had a blast around this store and even they want to go back!

Over the course of the weekend, Nicholas decided he wanted to be mean to Caitlin and of course that led to a war. Nic isn’t a small three year old by any means. He is solid and pretty tall. However, he is still smaller than the girls. Whenever he and Caitlin go head to head, one of them always ends up hurt! This time just happened to be Caitlin’s turn for the pain. Of course, we made him walk over and apologize to Caitlin before we punished him. I happened to take a picture of Kevin handling the situation.

I know I mentioned to some of you before that we have had to convert my parking area in the garage into Nic’s play area. I thought I would share with you all what his little area looks like…. Needless to say, he really likes playing out there. Luckily, the garage door is in the living room area, so Nic is always close by….

As we were driving, there was something about the clouds that I thought looked pretty cool. I love the fact that my iphone takes such amazing pictures! I never have my camera on me when I need it. This picture was taken very close to our house.

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