Monday, February 14, 2011

Things Come in 3's

They say things come in three’s….Well, we hit our mark of three over the weekend… Our house flooding and everything that comes along with that is of course taking “bad” issue number one. I am so ready for our house to be back to normal! Soon! I would rather them take their time and do it right the first go around other than any mold issues or anything else arising because it was a half done job. I just happen to have a family that has limited patience! More to update on this later. Now, for number two; on Thursday morning the girls ran inside to tell me that my truck had a flat tire. Really? Could this not have waited just a little while? So, Thursday evening Kevin and his dad (yep, his dad was in town for the night and as always we had a great time full of wonderful conversations! We even celebrated his birthday….a little early!) ran out to Pep Boys to have them put a new tire on my truck. At this point, Kevin made the comment that things come in 3’s….as we all know, they often do. Well, thank you Kevin! Lol, we hit our number three over the weekend and ended up having to yet again, buy another new tire!!!! Can we not catch a break on tires? The amount we have had to buy over the past year is just unreal! His car blew another tire. Sunday was spent with Servpro in our house drilling holes, going through their mold protection thing, and Kevin out replacing his tire. Now that we have had our luck of the 3’s… can we please catch a break? We really need some good news to come our way! Lol.

Once Kevin returned home with his new tire, the kids and him all changed it together!  I loved watching them and taking pictures of my four crazies! The kids thought this was one of the most awesome things!

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