Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Be Kind and Look Around... My Thoughts on Robin Williams

Within the past twenty four hours I have seen so many posts about Robin Williams' death. I have seen sadness and sympathy. I have seen breaking hearts as one of the worlds most well known comedians/actors was consumed with depression and lost the battle. I have seen cynical attitudes that are full of ugliness. But what gets me the most, are the hateful comments that are relating suicide to selfishness. I am angered by this suicide only because of how individuals are carrying on in such a negative manner. Have a heart, people!

Money may seem like the cure to many people, but guess what folks... It doesn't buy happiness, it doesn't make life perfect, and it sure as hell doesn't ease the pain someone feels when battling the evils of depression and anxiety. Unless or until you have battled depression and hit bottom, you have no right to judge. Then again, you have no right to judge anyhow. It is not up to you to place judgement on Mr. Williams or anyone for that matter. As a person that has hit rock bottom due to depression, my heart hurts for this man. I mean, it outright aches. Like many, I was fortunate enough  to find something in life that pulled me out before it was too late. I found my way back and have found more happiness. Yet, unlike so many out there, he couldn't. I have lost close friends, veterans, and even spouses/children of wounded vets to suicide. I have seen own family struggle with the aftermath that suicide leaves in the days, months and years that follow this action.

All I can think is how mental anguish and the hell that Robin Williams must have felt when he decided he couldn't do it anymore. It's heart wrenching. When the point of suicide is reached, all grasp on reality is pretty much lost because that person is so consumed with the evil thoughts and feelings that depression brings. They can't see a way out. For years, he had struggled with depression and rehab visits. This wasn't new. Yet, people want to say "How could someone so funny act in such a way?" Did you ever stop to think, maybe it was his way of masking the pain? Like many, finding laughter and humor can be a cure. If it only cures for that small moment they are in, it was one moment of happiness. For that, we should be grateful that he had it. Instead of judging this man, have a heart and think about his family and all that they are taking on right now. Think about the pain this brings them and keep them in your prayers.

Think about the happiness that Robin Williams brought to so many in their lives. Whether you have watched his moves and smiled, cried, or laughed or you have seen him in person, he has toughed your life. Think about the vets that he has helped while in combat simply by showing up and bringing some humor to their lives for a brief moment during a year tour. He possibly made them forget they were there and for that, they will always be thankful. Think about the countless children he has selflessly  helped and all the awareness/work he has done for St. Judes. When looking back, there isn't too much that was selfish, so why now? He lost the war to depression and with that, maybe we should all become more aware of those around us that are struggling. He gave more than most have given or would think about giving.

Look around you. You have no idea what those next to you are going through or what they are having to endure. You have no idea the hell that exist behind closed doors. Men, women, and children become pro's at plastering a smile across their face when they walk out their front door, masking hard times with humor, and becoming preoccupied in things outside of their home life. Be kind, you never know the battles that someone is fighting.  So, instead of judging, reach out to people. Be a friend. I've been that person with what felt like no one to turn to during some real dark days...it's not easy. It only takes one person to step up and make a difference in someones life, so what if we all stepped up? Can you imagine the differences we would all make?

My thoughts and prayers are with the Williams family and all that loved Robin. Thank you, Robin, for bringing sunshine to the lives of many on their cloudy days. Thank you for making a difference in so many lives.

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