Monday, October 8, 2012

Giving Back to Wounded Warrior Wives

If you read this blog often, then you are well aware of our surreal summer! We are still trying to transition into this "new" life that this past year has brought to us. It has been such a different kind of year from Kev's medical retirement to living in Arkansas to moving back to Georgia. You also know that I am a Thirty-One Consultant. 

After all that Operation Homefront has done for my family and all that their program, Wounded Warrior Wives does for the wives of wounded combat veterans, I want to give back. They way I am doing so at this point is by adding more products to the WWW Welcome Bags! I did receive a bag a couple months ago and love it! I would love nothing more than to add more products to the bags. To do this, I need your help. 

Here is how you can help, go to
Click on Place an Order in the pink toolbar
Click on Shop Now next to the Wounded Warrior Wives Event

Below are the flyers I have created for this event, with the details of the products we are looking to add! Make sure that you click on Send to Hostess when you order! Also, you can save my flyers to your computer by Right Clicking on the photo and saving it! Please share the flyers and info/Facebook Event Page,  with people you know! Thank you so much for taking part in this! Our goal is a minimum of $200 in products every month. With your help, we could do so much more every month!

Please contact me at:
Brittney Biddle

A question I have received in regards to this, yes, your purchases are a tax write off.

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