Friday, August 17, 2012

2012 National Conference

Often when I go a couple weeks without updating, it is because there has not been a whole lot going on. However, this time it is quite the opposite! Things have been a bit, well...chaotic, which we all know is a mild understatement! So, I am going to break the past two weeks up into a couple different blog posts so that one does not drag on too long!

I spent the first few days of this month in Atlanta for a Thirty-One Conference, which was phenomenal! I cannot even begin to explain the things I learned and how I left one person and returned home another. When I left my house (in Arkansas at the time) to attend conference, I felt a tad overwhelmed and had lost who I am in life. So many things have happened over the past few years that left me struggling to remember who I am. Conference didn't answer everything, but it helped me grasp the person that I was losing. Throughout the conference amazing friendships and bonds were formed and the majority of us left feeling more motivated and inspired than we ever imagined possible.

On my way to conference

 Once arriving in Atlanta, we unloaded our luggage at The Hyatt, which was a great hotel to stay in with a balcony off of our room and a fantastic view!!!

After checking in, a few of us headed to the Georgia World Congress Center for registration, where we all looked like little children on Christmas morning with the excitement that rushed over us as we tore into our packets! An awesome purple Organizing Utility Tote with the National Conference Logo, name lanyard, Established in 2012 pin, NC writing pen, buttons, and a t-shirt. After completing our registration, we headed into the newbie area, where we were able to take photos with an over sized Organizing Utility Tote.Once we finished up at the GWCC, we decided to take a short walk to The World of Coke, which we all enjoyed. To end the night, around 20 of us headed to the Braves game. Perfect way to end the night!!!To make it even better, my sister, Ashton and her boyfriend decided to meet us at the game!

Joan, me, and Patricia (the ladies I carpooled with from AR to GA)

Our flags took over the city!!!

Inside the Hyatt

Hyatt Lobby

The view from our room

The second day in Atlanta, my first real conference day, started off with meeting our team at the GWCC at Amanda's "head". At this point, I was finally able to meet Amanda in person after months of chatting a good bit on Facebook. Amanda is my Senior Executive Director. During this time, I also formed a new friendship with an amazing person, Ansley. It's nice to actually click with someone from the start. I must say, that I truly feel as though I lucked out with the wonderful team I am on!!!

Once we all gathered in our meeting spot, we all headed over to Phillips Arena for our first day of General Session, where our Founder, Cindy Monroe took lead. It was fabulous to see her on stage and hear all that she had to say. Her and her husband, Scott,are such inspirational people. There was no way to leave there without feeling changed and a better person.

After General Session, about half of us scurried back to our hotel rooms to get beautified for our awards and then dinner. It was nice to dress up for a change.
Me and Amanda

Ansley and me

Amanda and Me at the dinner

The third day consisted of an AM and PM General Session. In between the two, lunch was provided in NEW Cinch Thermals!!! Following the PM session, the ones of us that attended the dinner and awards the previous nights headed out to training classes. The classes were so informative! During the PM Session, we each learned where our 2013 conference will be and we all became super excited that we will be celebrating the company's 10th year during this conference. So, where will it be? Back in ATLANTA, GA!!! Yes, I am very, very excited that it is in my home state AND that we now live back in GA!!!

Ansley, me and Meri

Ansley, me, Meri, and Daphne

Me and Ansley

Me and Joan

Me and Becky at dinner

Me and Ansley

 On Saturday, August 4, we all woke up extra early, got ready, and loaded our vehicles, then we all headed to our Super Saturday and our last 2012 National Conference General Session. Conference seemed to fly by and it was sad to see it end so quickly, but it was so good to be able to head home and see Kevin and the kids. I cannot wait until next year!!!

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