Saturday, June 23, 2012

Meeting Mateo & Family Time

Today Nic brought laughter to each of us after Kevin asked me to come into the kitchen to make the potatoes and Nic yells out in excitement "Where's Uncle Mike?". See, Sunday evening Kev's brother Mike and his family, Maria and Mateo came into town and stayed with us until Thursday morning. Nicholas for some reason, is unable to say Mateo the right way and it comes out Matato. Hence the reason that when he heard potato he got things pretty mixed up. Anyhow, it gave us quite a chuckle.

Mike and Maria arrived at our house shortly before I made it home from a Thirty-One meeting in Hot Springs. When I pulled in the driveway, Kevin and Nic were outside with Mike, Maria, and Mateo. Needless to say, excitement took over and I could not get parked quick enough and get that little guy in my hands. I got out of my xTerra and hugged Mike and Maria thinking how wonderful it was to see both of them and know that we had a few days together! After our hello's I had a two day shy of being six months old little guy staring at me with these huge eyes and adorable smile. In less than a second, I melted. Mateo is just precious and one of the happiest babies I have ever seen. To say he had me wrapped around his finger instantly would be a complete understatement. This Aunt LOVES her sweet nephew and is missing him terribly right now.

 The following day, we hung out around the house and just enjoyed our time together. Maria and I went to the store to pick up a few odds and ends and I bought Mateo an activity mat and some toys, while Maria bought him a Exisaucer. When we got home, Mateo played and kicked around on the mat. I am pretty sure he loves it! Mike and Maria took our three shopping and Kevin and I stayed home with Mateo. Well, Kevin slept (haha) and I played with Mateo, fed him and let him nap in my arms. He was so sweet.

This is an outfit I bought Mateo in January when I was in AL

Nic with his Aunt Maria

So sweet

 On Tuesday, us girls loaded up in the car and headed to Magic Springs in Hot Springs with Aunt Jeanette and spent the day riding roller coasters and water rides, floating the Lazy River, and just enjoying our day out. While we were out, Kevin, Mike, Nic, and Mateo hung out around the house, then headed over to Aunt Jeanette's house to grill chicken and ribs for dinner. My Grandmother ended up loving on Mateo for quite awhile. From what we heard, the two of them sat in her chair and just relaxed. Late Wednesday night, Kevin and Mike went out to the pond for some middle of the night fishing, where they stayed until after midnight. Happy 6 months old, Mateo!!!

On Wednesday, Mike and Maria went out for a few hours to celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary, then that evening we all sat around, enjoying each others company and chatting. Maria and Breanna went to the store to pick up all that they needed to make Pound Cake. Before dinner, Mike and Maria made pound cake with the girls and the children ate some of it after dinner.

This is by far my absolute favorite of Mateo that I took!

I was responding to emails with the boys sitting in my lap watching cartoons on one monitor as I worked off of the other.

Watching cartoons on my computer

Pound Cake making time

Nic, Bre, Caitlin, and Mateo

Kevin, Nic, Mike, and Mateo

Mateo spit up on Mike and Kev managed to get the shot of it (Yuck)

Maria and me

When Thursday morning rolled around, Mike, Maria, and Mateo woke before the rest of us and got an early start on the road, heading back to GA. We were sad that they had to leave, but thrilled that we were able to spend so much time with them. We cannot wait until we are moved, settled and can spend more time with all three of them. This time together was much needed.

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