Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Finding Comfort in a Place Called Home

A little over a week ago, we had the pleasure of moving into a house that for the first time feels like home. After years of moving around..well, the world, it brings much comfort to finally have a place that we can fully relax and enjoy. Our house is a bit old and needs some modernization, but it's home. There are no words that can describe it. It sits on an acre and a half and is a little over 2500 sqft, all single story and brick. We have two living areas, which we have one as a living room and the other as our family room. It's a three bedroom, two and a half bath and when sitting on the front porch you can see a pond and mountains. We are surrounded by mountains, which at this time of the year is beautiful seeing all the leaves changing colors. Mena, AR is a beautiful and friendly town that we are excited to bring our children up in. Of course, we always welcome visits from family and friends.

Our first Monday in Arkansas was spent waking up very early and all of us driving to Fort Smith, AR to return the moving truck and trailer. While Kevin and I were turning in the truck, Breanna and Nic discovered a massive pile of leaves and their fun began. Watching them as they laughed hysterically and threw leaves at each other, it dawned on me, Nic had never played in them before. His entire life up until this point has been spent living in the desert where leafs did not really exist. In ways it made my heart ache thinking about the things that he has missed out on as well as the girls, yet it also made me realize the amazing life experiences our kids have been blessed with in their short lives.


  1. I loved this post! Your home is beautiful, and I can identify with pretty much everything you've talked about. My family also recently moved across the country (from CO to AL) and into an amazing home. My son had a similar experience to your little ones - instead of leaves, it was with the beach. I grew up taking the beach for granted, and my son was born in CO (no beach!) so taking him to the sand, and the sea...was just amazing. It's scary to think that, once again, we're starting on a new path (as civilians, again lol).

    <3 your blog!

  2. Thank you so, so much! Going from military to civilian is such a drastic change and I am not sure if adjusting will ever fall into our lives! lol. It is very scary, yet we have all lived a life that we should both be proud of. Not only with ourselves, but our spouses and families! It's crazy the things we can take for granted in the early stages of life and not realize what we had until we are away from it! Congrats on being close to the beach again and I am so happy that your son has had the chance to experience life in both places! :)

    Thanks for reading my blog! I look forward to reading yours!