Friday, April 2, 2010

Curiosity Could Mean Trouble....

While I was at the doctors office with Breanna, Kevin sent me a picture of our cats just discovering Lily and Jackson. Roscoe likes to watch them from time to time when they get loud and Bella finds it necessary to put her paws into the cage. Of course when this happens, both guinea pigs tend to resort to their igloo... We were worried about Roscoe terrorizing them and have been taken by surprise that it is Bella that wants to be right there when they start making their noises. The girls do get Jackson and Lily out all the time! It just means we have to put the cats in the bathroom. They love feeding them a carrot everyday while loving on them. Jackson is the best at eating a carrot and showing his love with his loud purr. Where Lily would rather be in their cage nibbling on an orange.

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