Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sea World San Antonio

We finally made the trip to Sea World in San Antonio! The kids had a blast seeing all the animals and shows! The weather was cool and a little rainy, but nonetheless, we all had fun! The dolphin pool was pretty neat since the girls all got to feed and touch the dolphins. There were so many exhibits to see and not enough time to see all the shows! Breanna rode on her first roller coaster with Brittney. This took us all by surprise that she actually got on! She loved it. Caitlin was upset because she was not tall enough to ride (which made Kevin's day) so the the we took the kids on the log ride. Granpa and Grannie stayed with Nicholas beside the ride since he is still too small and we all got wet. That was not the day to walk around wet! At the end, we took the girls to the kids play area. Breanna loved it and Caitlin made it half way up before coming back down. Kevin then tried to take here and had no such luck!

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