Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pony Rides in Ruidoso, NM

Following the zoo we ended up in Ruidoso, NM. It was like being in another world compared to El Paso! There were many of them! Ruidoso is in the mountains and it is beautiful! It reminded us a lot of Blue Ridge and of course made us homesick in a way! Ruidoso has a ton of small shops and restraunts. It is a place we are all looking forward to go back to one weekend. The kids were amazed with the little amount of snow we were able to see and loved the Dip-n-Dot ice cream we stopped for. As we were leaving we stopped for the pony rides, which of course Breanna went crazy for! We only bought tickets for the girls, not thinking Nicholas would want to ride. Little did we know that he would pitch a fit. He was so upset with us for not letting him on. One of the women that worked there walked over to us and asked if she could borrow Nicholas for a minute. She took him into the ring and put him on a pony, holding onto him for a couple minutes. It made his day, I think. He fell in love with the pony and had to see everyone before we left. It was great to see all three kids so excited over this little adventure!

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