Sunday, February 3, 2008

Carlsbad Caverns, NM

We decided to take a trip to Carlsbad, NM with the kids to check out the caverns. We all had a fun-filled day. The drive seemed to go on a little too long with the girls in the back constantly repeating "Are we there yet?" "I am tired of being in the car"...and so on. We stopped at the park area of the Guadelupe Mountains to walk and go through the small museum they have. Very interesting! After that we headed to the caverns. We had to end up purchasing a snuggli for Kevin to strap on him and tote Nic in. Of course, we were not thinking about the fact we could not take a stroller in! We took an elevator down, I cannot recall how far under we were. The girls were just as amazed as Kevin and I were. Kevin and I are making future plans to go back without the kids so we can do more advanced cave tours. We are wanting to do the ones where we actually have to get down and crawl through the narrow cave passages! We all had a great day in NM!

For more information on the Caverns and the National Park, check out the website, We took the kids on the self-guided tour.

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