Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Nic's Doctor Visit

I took Nic in for his six month well baby check up this past Friday. He weighs 16.9 pounds! The doctor said that everything looks great with him. Nic's first tooth is now through. It came through last Friday. He is growing so quickly! Over the weekend he tried Cheerios for the first time....and loved them! He has not quite caught on to the fact that he has to grab them with his fingers. When he tries he just makes suck a mess! Nicholas waits until I grab one, then grabs my hand to put it in his mouth. He knows when I have food!

Breanna and Caitlin are great as well! They both enjoy school very much. Caitlin has yet to get into trouble and Breanna has managed to get in trouble twice now. Once for whistling in class (the third week of school) and the other, yesterday, for slamming books on the floor in the hallway. I have no idea why she thought that would be a good idea. Caitlin has gotten in trouble at home lately. Caitlin thinks it is okay to slam doors in the house, so yesterday when she slammed the door I made her go to a door to where I could see her and open and shut the door 15 times. Everytime she slammed it, she had to start over. She has not slammed another door since then. I think she learned two lessons yesterday, the first one is to not slam doors, and the second is learning to count to 15 without skipping a number. Then again, I will know more on the slamming doors in the house when she gets home!

Kevin called us on Saturday. Nothing new is going on there. Just working a lot and ready to come home! We are barely over two months until he comes home to us! I cannot wait. It is so hard to not tell the girls that Kev will be home before Christmas.

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