Sunday, June 17, 2007

Zoo Atlanta

We have been in GA for over a week now. We have really enjoyed being able to see family and friends! Great little getaway! I took the kids to the zoo in Atlanta with some family. They had a blast being able to see so many animals. Nothing like the El Paso Zoo. By the end of the day all three kids were worn out. They slept all the way to Grannie and Grandpa's house!

Nicholas in his new stroller...I did not bring the big one so I had to buy one here!
Brit & Whit..No we did not plan on wearing the same tank!
Mommy & Caitlin
Mommy & Nic
We were having fun...Whit and her little one, Brit Mike & Maria

Bre...our little guide.
Caitlin and her Uncle Dustin
Panda Bear, Breanna
Panda Bear, Caitlin

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