Friday, February 23, 2007

Caitlin learned to ride with no training wheels!!!

On Monday, February 19 Caitlin decided to hop on Breanna's bike and take off with no training wheels! At that point we took the training wheels off her bike. After that, she hopped on hers and stayed on for quite awhile! She did great! At first, Kev had to chase her up and down the street in front of our house. I think she ended up being faster than him! It seemed to make Kevin tired after chasing her up and down the street! They had a blast together! Of course Bre had fun being a big sister and being able to help Caitlin ride!

On Tuesday, February 20, the high risk doctor we are seeing through this pregnancy informed us that if the contractions and labor gets any worse, he will go ahead and do the c-section now. We were worried about Brittney only being 33 weeks, but Dr. Harlass has complete confidence that Nicholas will be okay if it has to be done. If we do end up having him early, he will more than likely spend a week or so in NICU. But, in the end he will be okay. Pray for us that we make it to the surgery date! Less than four weeks if we can wait that long! We are hoping we can. Last week was just a real rough week with the preterm labor.

Kevin chasing Caitlin in front of our house! I think she may be a little faster!

Kev teaching his little girl to ride....

And, she has caught on! Look at her go!

Bre in the sandbox and Caitlin getting ready to slide

Look, Caitlin is trying to pick up Max!

Caitlin carried him around the yard for awhile

Caitlin sitting with Max

Caitlin asleep with Max in her bed!

Diablo (Debo for short). He is Kev's favorite!

Max, our puppy

Cookie, our other min pin. She runs the house!

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