Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A way to keep in touch....

I decided to start this blog for a couple different reasons. One, is to keep our family and friends better involved in our lives. The other is to give Kevin something to look at and smile over while he is in Iraq. I hope this helps him through his days out there while he is away from home. As you know by now, Kev was supposed to get out of the Army based on Family Care Plan. A few weeks before he was supposed to be discharged, things changed and he found out that he is able to stay in. They are allowing him to remain here at home with us until a few weeks after Nicholas is born. Then, at that point, he will join his Unit in Iraq. So, we are now looking at the start of May. Please keep him in all of your thoughts and prayers. Pray for a safe return home when this deployment is over with. I know I will be. It will be rough on us all.

Why can't they always be this sweet......

What a look... Is that not a Kevin look?
Only little miss Caitlin could pull it off

Breanna and Madison acting goofy as always!

Caitlin in a sweet moment

Little Miss Breanna

Breanna, Caitlin and Madison at Madison's house.
Thanks Mel for the pics!

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